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common MODULE

Texts and Human Experiences -

The common module asks you to interpret and conceptualise texts through the lens of human experiences: their representation in texts, the kinds of experiences depicted, and what the text says about the nature of these experiences. These experiences are at the core of this module, and your examinations of the construction of a text - ranging from specific techniques to its broader form - are tied back to these human experiences, ranging from specific forms of individual or collective experiences, to the ramifications of a text’s perspective on these experiences, such as ‘challenging assumptions’ or ‘igniting new ideas’. Key contextual and authorial information, such as on the period a text was composed or set, can help expand your understanding of both the text and its relationship with human experiences. By focusing on how human experiences operate and are linked to themes and ideas, you can effectively examine the range of perspectives and depictions offered in your prescribed text.


The Crucible

Billy Elliot

The Boy Behind the Curtain

Past the Shallows

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