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 Better Tuition Online

Premium one-on-one online tuition services for Years 3 - 12
English, Maths, Science & HSC Subjects

Empower Your Child's Academic Success with Better Tuition Online

Unlock your child's academic potential with our online tuition services. 


We cater Years 3 - 12, English, Maths, Science & almost all the HSC subjects. Our goal is to provide exceptional online tutoring services designed to meet your child's unique learning needs.

The BTA Team is comprised of highly skilled and passionate tutors all dedicated to helping students reach and surpass their academic goals.

BTA Forestville 6
BTA Forestville 7

Our math, science & online tutors are all equipped with iPads and Apple Pens so they can seamlessly integrate between dual screens, optimising screen sharing capabilities.

Our online platform also allows our tutors to access, share and edit live-time boards, notes, questions and documents.

Our online tutors also have access to our Digital Resource Library which includes
multiple online applications and sources for notes, homework, questions, past papers, quizzes, digital textbooks and so much more.


Selection Process & Expertise

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Our tutors are carefully selected from a pool of talented individuals and professionals with expertise in their respective fields.

Each BTA tutor undergoes a
rigorous selection process, including character references, working with children checks, and a comprehensive training program (including pre-training and post training) along with learning modules and best approaches to teaching neurodiverse students.

This ensures that all our tutors
consistently deliver top-quality tutoring services to our clients.

Engaging & Customised Approach

Our tutors are not only knowledgeable but are also passionate about teaching and committed to creating a nurturing and inspiring learning environment.

They understand that each student is unique, with
different strengths, challenges, and learning styles.

By adapting their tutoring methods to suit each student's needs, our tutors can effectively tap into your
child's academic potential.

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Personalised Learning Experiences


Adaptive Learning


Our online tutoring services offer personalised lessons tailored to each student's academic level, goals (SMART), strengths, and areas for improvement.

By closely monitoring student's performance and progress, our tutors can adjust the lessons to address any areas needing enhancement, ensuring a well-rounded education.


We recognise that families have busy schedules, which is why we provide online tutoring services to accommodate to your needs.

Our online lessons, conducted via Microsoft Teams (with no installation required), allows students to connect with tutors at a convenient weekly time.

Online tutoring offers
flexibility, eliminating concerns about attending physical locations, traffic, or illness-related absences.

Online tutoring also allows students that are outside of our service areas and cannot make it to our Academies, an opportunity to experience our excellent tuition services.

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Innovative, Interactive & Immersive Online Learning

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Our online tutoring platform provides an immersive and interactive learning experience, featuring video conferencing, screen sharing, and a virtual whiteboard.

This enables our tutors to effectively communicate with students and share essential resources, notes, and lesson plans, while also fostering a dynamic and motivating learning environment.

Lesson Notes & Boards

We believe in keeping parents informed about their child's academic progress.

Our tutors record lesson notes/boards that can provide updates on student performance and development, offering valuable insights into their achievements and areas needing focus.

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Exceptional and Experienced
Engaging and customised approach
Personalised Learning Experiences
Innovative online tutoring
Lesson notes and progress reports


Happily tutored and mentored students


Hours taught by our team in the last 12 months


Rating based on our customer satisfaction feedback

Contact Us

Better Tuition Academy (BTA) is open 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) but our management team is only available Monday - Friday. 

Please note that due to surging demand for our tutoring services, we are sometimes unable to immediately book students in for lessons.

If we can't immediately provide our service to you,
we encourage you to enrol now, so that you are on our Term 2, 2024 waiting list. 

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