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About Us

At Better Tuition Academy, ​we empathise and understand the difficulties that students face when it comes to learning and studying.

As such, our one-on-one tutoring methods are designed to enhance student engagement, knowledge and behaviour.

Why choose BTA?

Established in 2015, BTA, formerly known as Belrose Tutoring Academy, has witnessed substantial growth since its inception. Today, our team comprises more than 100 highly qualified and experienced tutors, all of whom demonstrated exceptional academic performance in high school and continue to excel in their tertiary education.

Upon joining our team, all our tutors undergo BTA's rigorous Onboarding & Induction training program. This comprehensive training encompasses various modules, including Child Safety, effective communication techniques, organisational skills, note-taking strategies, efficient teaching methodologies, and catering to the needs of neurodiverse students. Additionally, our tutors participate in courses related to HSC and ATAR preparation, equipping them with a diverse skill set to support students comprehensively.

Over the past year alone, BTA has collectively delivered over 20,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring. Some of our HSC tutors have individually contributed over 850 hours to this total, establishing BTA's tutors as some of the most experienced professionals in the field.

BTA Mona Vale Tutoring - Desk G
BTA Forestville Desk J

Our Approach

BTA Mona Vale Tutoring - Desk I

BTA has consistently looked ahead, recognising the increasing benefits that technology brings to contemporary education, an ethos that has gained even more significance in recent times.

Our math and science tutors at BTA are equipped with Apple iPads and Apple Pens, enabling them to electronically share lesson notes and reduce our impact on the environment.


Moreover, we provide our academies with a wide array of technological resources, including desktop computers, tablets, monitors, and the most up-to-date software, ensuring that our students have access to cutting-edge tools for their learning.

Tracking Progress & Development

Apart from our vast experience in the education sector, BTA distinguishes itself through its contemporary instructional methods, harnessing cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Following every tutoring session, BTA tutors provides thorough lesson notes and summaries, along with lesson boards, which are conveniently emailed to the student or their parent/guardian. These summaries encapsulate the key takeaways and essential topics addressed during the lesson, pinpointing the student's strengths and areas requiring further attention.


They also outline any assigned homework or review tasks and establish objectives for the forthcoming session. Additionally, our tutors include supplementary comments to ensure a consistent trajectory of improvement.

Lesson Notes - Sample 1
Lesson Notes - Sample 2


Happily tutored and mentored students


Hours taught by our team in the last 12 months


Rating based on our customer satisfaction feedback

Our Tutoring Methodology

Stage 1:
Initial Informal Assessment

Stage 2:
Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement

Stage 3:
Prioritise Content

Stage 4:
Target Priority

Stage 5:
Ongoing Review & Assessment

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQS)

Q: Are the lessons all one-on-one or do you also offer group sessions?

A: Indeed, all our lessons are conducted on a one-on-one basis. We do not provide group or class lessons. Research has shown that one-on-one sessions result in higher retention rates and increased student engagement.

Q: What is the process for screening your tutors?

A: At BTA, we have a stringent vetting process in place. It begins with an interview followed by comprehensive reference and social medial checks. Additionally we administer pre-tests to assess their experience and proficiency, ensuring that they meet the high standards expected by BTA clients. After successfully passing these initial checks, our tutors go through an extensive Induction & Onboarding process to receive training to guarantee their ability to consistently provide top-notch services. 


Q: How does the booking process work, and how are students paired with their tutors?

A: After filling out our brief form, parents will receive an enrollment form that includes inquiries about their child's personality, learning preferences, availability, and interests. With this valuable information in hand, our Operations Team then carefully matches the student with the most suitable tutor who aligns with these preferences.

Q: Will my child have the same tutor each week?

A: Absolutely, we prioritise maintaining a consistent learning experience. In the rare event that your child's regular tutor is unavailable, you will receive advance notice. If the need arises for a one-time replacement tutor, our Operations Team will promptly reach out to inform you.

Q: What happens if my child is sick and cannot make the lesson?

A: Our Cancellation Policy is designed to be fair and flexible. If your child is unwell and cannot attend the scheduled lesson, you can cancel without any charge as long as you provide more than 24 hours' notice. In case you need to cancel within the 24-hour notice period, each student is granted one late cancellation per term without incurring any charges. However, subsequent late cancellations during the same term will result in a fee. Please be aware that any cancellations made within one hour of the scheduled lesson or after the lesson's start time will be subject to a charge.

Q: What is your payment process like?

A: Our payment system operates on a fortnightly basis, and it functions in arrears, meaning you'll be invoiced after your lessons have taken place. We offer multiple payment options, including Pinch Payment Systems, which enable both Direct Debit and Credit Card Payments. Additionally, you can choose to make payments via direct transfer to our Bank Account.

Q: Do you require a commitment to a specific contract duration?

A: No, we do not have any binding contract period. If you decide that you'd like to discontinue your child's tutoring at any point, simply send us an email to inform us of your intention to take a break. There are no associated break fees or hidden costs involved.

Pay As You Go
Tuition with BTA.

  • Qualified BTA tutor who has undergone BTA's training & induction program

  • Same tutor each week

  • Same location each week

  • Same time and day each week (as best as possible) 

  • No lock-in contracts 

  • Lessons in any of our academies, your home or online 

  • Access to the BTA Library for hardcopy and digital textbooks and resources

  • Set up auto-pay via credit card or debit card and enjoy hassle-free payments 

  • Secure payments via Pinch, credit card or bank transfer

  • Set up auto-pay via direct debit – No processing fee

  • Access to customer portal to track invoices and payment history

Pricing: Years 3 - 10
$75/hour incl. GST

Pricing: Years 11 - 12
$90/hour incl. GST

Contact Us

Better Tuition Academy (BTA) is open 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) but our management team is only available Monday - Friday. 

Please note that due to surging demand for our tutoring services, we are sometimes unable to immediately book students in for lessons.

If we can't immediately provide our service to you,
we encourage you to enrol now, so that you are on our Term 2, 2024 waiting list. 

Have questions relating to
our services?

Download a copy of our FAQS Guide.

Acknowledgement of Country

BTA acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the lands and waters that we are honoured to learn and grow on the lands of the Kuringai and Garigal people.

We give our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and honour the teachings that continue to take place on this Country.

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