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BTA - Independent Assessments

At Belrose Tutoring Academy, we understand the importance of strong foundations in Maths and English for academic success. That's why we are excited to announce our new Independent Assessments for Years 3-12 in all levels of Maths and English

Our assessments are extremely detailed, covering the most important skills at each year level. We believe that identifying and addressing gaps in a student's knowledge is crucial in enabling them to achieve their academic potential. 

Each assessment takes place over the course of an hour, during which we won't be able to cover all the content required. However, students are given all the notes and can book in for subsequent sessions to finish or continue the content with their current tutor. 

After completing the assessment, students will receive comprehensive notes with more questions to continue their learning at home. We believe that the learning process should continue beyond the classroom and we strive to provide resources that will assist our students in achieving their academic and personal goals. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to identify and address knowledge gaps and set your child on the path to academic success. 

These assessments will take place over the School Term & School Holidays. To book one of our assessments or Organisational & Note-taking Sessions, please click the button below and advise of best times and availabilities.

BTA - Independent Assessmen

Maths Assessments

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At Belrose Tutoring Academy, we understand the significance of a strong foundation in mathematics for academic success. That's why we are proud to offer independent assessments for maths that are designed to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses in the subject.


Our Maths Assessments are conducted both verbally and written to ensure that students are tested comprehensively.

Maths Assessments: Years 3 - 4

For Years 3 - 4 Maths Assessments, we cover fundamental skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Our tutors use engaging materials, methods and techniques to help students understand and apply these important concepts.

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Decimals & running numbers

Maths Assessments: Years 5 - 6

For Years 5 - 6 Maths Assessments, our assessments cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Our engaging tutors use a range of methods, materials and approaches to help students develop a deep understanding of these concepts and build their problem-solving skills.

Maths Assessments: Years 11 & 12

Our assessments for Years 11 & 12 Maths cover all topics for both Standard and Advanced Maths.

BTA's skilled tutors use a range of materials and techniques to identify areas of concern in a student's knowledge and provide feedback to help them achieve their academic objectives & goals.

Maths formulas
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Pick Your Focus:

Parents, guardians, and students can pick which topic of maths they'd like us to focus on in the assessment, or alternatively our knowledgeable tutors will pick the most relevant topics for the student on the day.

Depending on the student, we will be able to cover approximately two topics in each assessment.

Maths Assessments: Years 7 - 10

For Years 7 - 10 Maths Assessments, our primary focus is on algebra and equation skills, which are the most important foundational skills at this level.

We also cover all other topics including angles, probability, time, measurement, indices, Pythagoras' theorem, ratios and rates, linear relationships, data, congruence and similarity, financial mathematics, trigonometry, quadratic expressions and equations, surds, and geometrical figures.

Our experienced tutors employ diverse techniques to identify areas of strength and weakness in a student's knowledge and provide feedback to help them achieve their academic pursuits.

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English texts layered

English Assessments

At Belrose Tutoring Academy, we are proud to offer Independent Assessments for English that are designed to pinpoint a student's areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Our English assessments are conducted both verbally and written to optimise student engagement and ensure that students are tested comprehensively. 

English Assessments: Years 3 - 6

For students in Years 3-6, our Independent Assessments focus on vital skills such as comprehension, persuasive writing, creative writing, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

We utilize captivating examples that resonate with primary school students, maintaining their attention while also allowing them to learn the most important skills.

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English Assessments: Years 7 - 10

Our Years 7-10 English assessments encompass comprehension of various text forms, including fiction extracts, poetry, and films. On top of this we also look at creative writing, persuasive writing, editing, and contextual understanding.


Our adept tutors use a variety of engaging materials and approaches to ensure that the student can demonstrate their skills across all areas. 

English Assessments: Years 11 & 12

Designed for Years 11-12 English students, our assessments cover comprehension across different text types, creative writing, essay writing, editing, contextual understanding, and crucial skills for HSC success.

Our skilled tutors utilize a variety of strategies to identify strengths and weaknesses in a student's understanding, offering feedback to support them in attaining their academic objectives.

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Customized Focus:

Parents, guardians, and students have the option to select specific English areas for us to concentrate on during the assessment.

Alternatively, our knowledgeable tutors can choose the most relevant subjects for the student on the day of the evaluation.

Regardless of the topic(s) selected, students will receive a complete set of notes and questions to facilitate continued learning at their own pace.

Additional Services - BTA Offers
Independent Assessments &
Organisational Study & Note-taking Skills

Existing BTA Customers
$99 per session 
ncl. GST

NEW BTA Clients
$119 per session 
ncl. GST

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These Assessments & Sessions will be run through the School Term & School Holidays

To book, please click the button below and advise of best times and availabilities

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