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Premium one-on-one tutoring for Years 3 - 12; All subjects
Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with our
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- Years 3 to 12; Maths, English & other subjects

- HSC Tutoring & IB Tutoring

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BTA - Better Tuition Academy
Tutoring For Everyone.

Better Tuition Academy or Belrose Tutoring Academy (as we were formerly known) (or BTA), was established in 2015 in the Northern Beaches of Sydney in a little-known suburb named Belrose.

Since then we've expanded our operations and now have established Academies situated in Belrose, Brookvale, Forestville, Gordon & Mona Vale.


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BTA's Inception
Empowering Minds.

After privately tutoring for over 10 years each, Tom and Brennan brought Better Tuition Academy into fruition, with the vision of providing modern one-on-one quality tutoring to the community in optimised learning academies.

Since its establishment in 2015, BTA has grown significantly, with BTA now tutoring over 600 students each week and employing over 100 tutors.

BTA has grown since its original Academy in Belrose to now include Academies in Forestville, Mona Vale, Gordon & Brookvale, along with an excellent online tuition services division. We also offer in-home services for clients that fall within our travel radius.

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BTA's Services
What we offer at BTA.

Primary School Tutoring

(Year 3 - Year 6) 

- Selective School Exam
- NAPLAN preparation
- Opportunity Class placement

Along with Maths, English or a combination of both.


High School Tutoring

(Year 7 - Year 12) 

- ATAR Predictions
- Study schedules & Timetables
- HSC Past Papers & Revision

All High Schoosubjects including Maths & English.



(Years 11 - 12) 

- Maths: Analysis & Approaches SL & HL
- Maths: Applications & Interpretation SL & HL

 Enquire below to see how we can assist with IB Tutoring.

Our Tutoring Methodology

Stage 1:
Initial Informal Assessment

Stage 2:
Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement

Stage 3:
Prioritise Content

Stage 4:
Target Priority

Stage 5:
Ongoing Review & Assessment

BTA - Work Desk

Where should lessons take place?

BTA Academies are designed and tailored to create an innovative and engaging learning space for our students. This is only one of the many beneficial reasons why we suggest new clients to start initial lessons in our offices.

This however is only a suggestion and BTA tutors are also available to teach lessons in the following suburbs below (pending availability) and online at no additional cost (to our in-office rates).

Brookvale Area: Brookvale, Dee Why & Freshwater.

Belrose/Forest Area: Belrose, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Davidson, Frenchs Forest & Terry Hills.

Gordon Area: Gordon, Pymble, Killara & St Ives.

Mona Vale Area: Bayview, Mona Vale, Newport, North Narrabeen & Warriewood.

What is the ideal length of lessons?

A crucial aspect of providing effective tutoring is determining the ideal lesson length to ensure maximum engagement and progress. This is why we offer personalised lesson lengths based on the student's age and subject of study.

Primary School Students
(Years 3 to 6): for younger learners, we recommend shorter sessions of 45 minutes to help with their attention-span and focus during the lesson.


High School Students
(Years 7 - 10): these students will greatly benefit from a 60-minute session, allowing for more in-depth exploration of the subject.


HSC Students

(Years 11 - 12): For more complex subjects and in anticipation of upcoming exams and assessments, longer sessions of 60-90 minutes is necessary to cover subject topics and materials comprehensively.

How often should my child have tutoring?

The frequency of lessons plays a crucial role in the student's academic success. Ensuring the right balance between regularity and flexibility can significantly impact their learning journey.

Consistency is key when it comes to effective tutoring. Regular lessons help students reinforce their understanding and comprehension of the subject as well as allowing them to build upon previous knowledge.

At BTA we recommend weekly tutoring sessions. As it allows for more in-depth exploration of subjects, homework assistance and keeping on top of their current school work.

For test preparation, upcoming assessments or higher level or advanced subjects (Years 11-12), more frequent and longer sessions are recommended.

While this is our recommendation, you can also choose to have fortnightly sessions.

Have questions relating to
our services?

Download a copy of our FAQS Guide.

How much should
Tutoring cost?


At Better Tuition Academy, we are proud to offer top-notch tuition services for students from Year 3 to Year 12 at affordable rates. Our experienced tutors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide quality one-on-one tutoring tailored to meet the individual needs of our students.


All BTA tutors are required to undergo training in child safety, communication, proven tutoring strategies, accessing and using the best resources, teaching effectively online, use of AI in teaching and how to effectively teach neurodiverse students and more.

Compared to student tutors who charge around $30-40 an hour, and experienced tutors who can charge $180 an hour or more, our tutoring rates of $75 per hour for Years 3-10 and $90 per hour for Years 11 and 12 are highly competitive. Some tutors and tutoring companies can be charging these rates for group tutoring and they may limit their services to only teaching up to year 10.

Join us at Better Tuition Academy and experience the difference that quality tutoring can make at a reasonable price. 

Pay As You Go
Tuition with BTA.

  • Right Tutor Guarantee - Limited Time Only. BTA reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime without warning.

  • Qualified BTA tutor who has undergone BTA's training & induction program

  • Same tutor each week

  • Same location each week

  • Same time and day each week (as best as possible) 

  • No lock-in contracts 

  • Lessons in any of our academies, your home or online 

  • Access to the BTA Library for hardcopy and digital textbooks and resources

  • Set up auto-pay via credit card or debit card and enjoy hassle-free payments 

  • Secure payments via Pinch, credit card or bank transfer

  • Set up auto-pay via direct debit – No processing fee

  • Access to customer portal to track invoices and payment history

Pricing: Years 3 - 10
$75/hour incl. GST

Pricing: Years 11 - 12
$90/hour incl. GST

Why do we charge more for Year 11 and 12?

Our HSC and IB tutors receive a significant amount of extra training to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide top-tier tutoring to our senior students. 


On top of of this, we have an created an abundance of useful resources for our senior students including practice assessments, text summaries and more.

BTA specialises in tutoring Years 11 & 12.

Pay only when you are 100% happy with your BTA experience

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Right Tutor Guarantee

Our tutor pairing specialists work Monday-Friday.
Right Tutor Guarantee Available for a Limited Time Only.
BTA reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at anytime without warning. Fair Use Policy Applies.

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